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  as rainbowdash drug applejack towards the house, applejack couldnt help but blush, 'why am i like this?' she thought to herself as the approached the door, where rainbowdash let go of her hand. "wait, you never told me why i had to come back..."rainbowdash just smiles and opens the door, letting applejack in, "dash, whats going on?" when suddenly about twelve people jumped up and yelled 'surprise' applejack eyes widened, she actually forgot it was her birthday. smiling, she hugs rainbowdash, and they go in and have a party.

~timeskip, eight hours~
"thanks for coming...and thankyou for the party!" applejack says to everyone as they leave. "so...thats why you drug me in huh?"
rainbowdash blushes and nods a little bit. "that was sweet of you!" applejack says, hugging her friend...yawning, she heads up to bed, while rainbowdash goes out and looks at the starry sky., she thought it was beutifull. "hey dash, you gonna come in?" applejack asks, dash turns around and rushes in. hoping into the shower and slipping into some pajamas, then heading into appledashs room, and falls asleep.

"applejack, rainbowdash! lets go!" applejack opens her eyes and begins getting dressed, but she didnt know that rainbowdash sat up and began watching by accident, applejack was only wearing her shorts and a bra when rainbowdash looked over, when applejack turned around, and got up, blushing wildly. "here, dash..." she turns and cathes a pair of shorts and one of applejack's shirts and goes to get dressed.
"hey, I see you are wearing some of applejacks cloths." rainbowdash looks down and hops into big macs truck, sitting next ot applejack's little sister. " do you like the farm?" she asks, "huh, oh its fine, im having more fun than when im at home." the little girl giggles and pulls out a book and begins reading. rainbowdash puts in her earbuds and begins listening to music, while thinking about random things.

 ~time skip, three days later~
pulling into applejacks driveway, her parents are on the porch, awaiting their kids, rainbowdash smiles seeing the reunion, after spending about a month on that farm, she turns and looks down the block, seeing familiar sights. "hey dash!" she turns and applejack is walking towards her, "you wanna see your folks?"
"hm, not really, my mom kinda dosnt care about me and my father isnt around i avoid my home..."she says, looking down the street. "thats...kinda sad." applejack says. "eh, i dont mind, i get to do fun go places with you!" she happily says, "um dash..i kinda wanted to tell you something, and um..." rainbowdash turns around and then just says, "I love you." she says, applejack looks at her like she's mad! then smiles and hugs her. "same here." and they go and walk inside.
part 2!
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August 26, 2013
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